British Biologicals is synonymous with nutrition. I say this because of my belief that a business is never always about products and services. It is also about people and their well-being
British Biologicals

V.S. Reddy, a doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship from Pittsford University, started British Biologicals with an investment of INR 10,000 in the year 1988. An entrepreneur with humble beginnings and of agricultural background, his vision was to be a global leader in providing superior and trusted disease – specific nutrition advancing the quality of human life. This vision, fuelled by a passion, went on to become British Biologicals – a global nutraceutical company and the number one nutrition company in India within a span of two decades. The company today clocks a turnover of $60 million.

 The role of medical nutrition in treating human ailments was the brain child of V.S. Reddy. His dream was to help the people become healthier, happier and disease free. British Biologicals was the first company to bring palatability to nutritional supplements. Not only this, the company has also been the first to cater to the nutritional needs of most health conditions from the paediatric to geriatric segment which includes infant nutrition and critical care.

 Another feather in the cap is that British Biologicals is the first to export nutraceutical products from India to 23 countries worldwide, where the products have adhered to strict quality control practices followed by the European Union and USFDA. Reddy built his company on leadership, innovation and ethics. For him, quality is never an accident. It is a continuous struggle with the will power to produce a quality product. South-East Asia’s finest and state-of-the-art nutraceutical manufacturing facility was set up by him. He realised the potential of nutrition in health and decided to promote the concept to the medical fraternity. Ethical promotion of medical nutrition to the common man, through doctors’ prescription, is an innovative business model that he introduced in India. Reddy, an original thinker, considers HR not as a management function, but as a management philosophy. He has employed many under-graduates and school dropouts who today are at the post of managers and regional heads. In a potential employee, he looks for the hunger to succeed and the eagerness to learn.

 The patriot that he is, India is an inspiration to him. He enjoys promoting Brand India abroad and is an ambassador at international events such as at the gathering of Institute of Food Technologists, USA and Leatherhead UK conferences. In fact he refuses to export without a “Made in India” tag. Some of the innovative products to his credit which are prescribed by doctors all over India are B Protin, D Protin, Ferti Pro, Kids Pro, Pro PL etc. These have become household names today. Reddy has won 52 national and international awards for his contributions to the field of nutraceuticals. The International Quality Crown Award, at International Quality Crown Convention, London- 2008, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award -2005, Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence – 2009 in Rome by Otherways Management and Consulting Association, accompanied former Indian President Pratibha Patil as a member of the business delegation to South Africa-2013, apart from being awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’.