falcoThe inspiration and aspiration for Falco is depicted in its emblem, a falcon, a predatory bird known for its exceptionally powerful vision & flight and keen intellect which symbolises superiority, spirit, light and freedom of aspiration. It is an emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. Falco, draws upon the falcon’s attributes in every aspect of the real estate business.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE For Falco, their mission statement is comprehensive in facets of a responsible corporate. It enumerates exact responsibility towards its stakeholders and the society as a whole.
Focussing on delivery and overcoming obstacles Aesthetically beautifying the lives of clients Learning and acquiring new heights Contributing to society by being compassionate towards people Onus to fulfil the requirements of clients This can be gauged from the endeavours to hand over to their clients well-planned properties which are built by highly skilled & disciplined work-force and are complete with international standard amenities & various other elements of luxury. At Falco it’s not about spoiling the clients for luxury but providing what they truly deserve. Falco Developers are a part of the Falco Group which also includes Hospitality & Retails. In its short span since inception, Falco has garnered various accolades namely,

• All India Achievers Foundation Indian Leadership Award for Construction & Design, 2014 • Accommodation Times Award 2013 for Affordable Housing Project of the Year • Excellence in Design Developers (Premium Section) – MCHI, 2012

FAITH FACTOR Kalyan, Mumbai – This suburban location has witnessed a spur of real estate development in the last decade. But the development followed standard blueprint flats, in terms of flat layout, sizes, amenities, etc. Falco sets aside these stereotype developments by offering different class of lifestyle, with flat size ranging from 1 and 2 BHK to 3 BHK (with various size options within it). Also, moving away from typical amenities such as vitrified, local sanitary fittings tiles, etc to airconditioned homes, Italian marble flooring, branded sanitary fittings, water purifiers, high-speed elevators, feather touch video-door phone, has set Falco apart from its competitors.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS At Falco, they have identified two stages of customer engagement, i.e. pre-sales and post-sales.
Pre-sales: The company believes that a focussed brief for every marketing activity starts with end–user profiling which is followed by deciding on specific media vehicles. Firmly calculated and strategic marketing efforts with the right message can generate desired results.
Post-sales: For many real estate companies, customer relationship management ends with the sale of the flat but at Falco, it’s the start of a neverending relationship. From welcoming them with a personalised welcome letter or providing them with a client newsletter that mentions the various updates on the project, the client testimonials vouch for the quality of their relationship management.

INNOVEDGE In real estate, the NRI base forms one of the most prominent investor cluster. It’s very important to create comfort as well as build trust so that they decide to buy a property from which they are physically miles away. Thus, with this thought, they have based a representative office in Dubai. Thus, clients have a physical space which they can approach for any query or assistance which is virtually impossible if the sales are done in exhibitions and the only form of contact is a phone call or an e-mail where turnaround time could be longer.
Creative and innovation quotient of the brand can be seen in the new advertising campaign for Falco World, which has once again gone against the unconventional route for visual representation, as compared to its counterparts. The only brief was ‘Be Different, but specific’. It does have the conventional information of the amenities, but represented in a different manner.

BRAND PROMISE Where luxury is a necessity and not a privilege which only a few enjoy!

1. The presence of a sales and marketing offi ce in Dubai creates a comfort factor for their NRI clients.
2. They will deliver an ecologically sound project ‘Falco World’, with STP, Rain Water Harvesting, etc.
3. The brand was awarded Excellence in Design Developers in the Premium Section during MCHI in 2012.

1. 2 million sq. ft: Land that is under construction
2. 30 acres: The brand’s riverside township, ‘Falco World,’ is built over
3. 3: The number of awards that have been won by the brand for construction & design, aff ordable housing project and in excellence in design
4. 75% open spaces: Their township ‘Falco World’
5. 3000: The number of families which will move into ‘Falco World’