90-emaarThe company that has given the tallest building and the biggest mall in the world stands tall on its firm foundations based on delivering quality and innovation that satisfy the customer and instill trust in investors not only in the middle east but the world over. Emaar has built itself a reputation that is hard to shake and the newest projects it has delivered just add more strength to that reputation.

Blaze to brilliance
It was in 1997 that one of the world leaders in real estate development was born in the United Arab Emirates. Emaar, a name that everyone in the corporate world recognizes, admires and trusts was incorporated with an initial capital of about AED one billion. This huge figure has been converted to brand tryst as well as brand loyalty over the years. In its core segment of property and property development the company has over 20 subsidiaries all working in synergy with each other to achieve excellence in all its projects. Since the July of 1997, The company has gone out to reach newer heights with every passing project. It has been responsible for projects such as the development of the largest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Apart from these projects that mark the very peak of architectural innovation and achievements the company also develops high end residential complexes, Commercial hubs and business centers on a national and international level. Going international as early as 2001, four years after it started operation, it announced its first international project, a township in Hyderabad, India. It is arguably the most prestigious Real estate giant in the world.

Faith factor
Operating in a segment like real estate, what develops a company’s reputation and contributes to its overall success is the projects it has delivered and the partnerships it has built and in the case of Emaar it would indeed be fair to say that the company is responsible for the new age architectural landscape of UAE that inspires an image of prosperity and security. The prime example for the achievements of the company is the Downtown Dubai project. Spread over an area of 500 acres it is home to the tallest building, the biggest mall, the highest restaurant and the highest performing fountain in the world. The planning of such projects, their development and design and the ability to deliver wonders of architectural ingenuity have helped the company in taking wings and flying to international destinations. After its foray into the International market the company developed bases and has undertaken projects in over 12 countries spread all over Asia, Europe, Africa and North America .

Engagement that enthralls
The company is divided into a set of eight units working independently in closely related yet essentially different areas. This gives the company an edge by creating specialised units of operation that work in synergy with each other to create a backbone of support for the entire group. The eight units are Emaar Dubai, Emaar International, Emaar investment holding, Emaar malls group, Emaar hospitality group, Emaar hotels and resorts, Amlak finance and Emaar industries and finance. Each unit has responsibilities of its own and at the same time is able to rely in the expertise and the support of other allied group of units. The company has been utilising its years of building experience in its international projects as well and has undertaken the construction of at least 28 major projects that have had an impact on not only the company or the investors but also the architectural landscape of the country and it is this quality that makes Emaar a leader. It has also built a number of strategic alliances over the years that help it enter and dominate new markets. While most business ventures operate within the parameters of the market conditions, this group changes the rules of the game by providing the real estate industry with the best it has seen.

Emaar has a programme called Afkaarna that runs throughout the institution to drive innovation and new ideas into its stream of growing experience and acumen. The ideas of the executives and architects and other experts involved in the development of the projects are incorporated into the functioning of the business as a whole by the top management. The company has placed these vertical channels of communication in place to ensure that its management it guided by the technical and on ground knowledge of its professionals. The constant need to excel industry standards and to stand apart from competition, not only in the middle east but on a global scale is what drives the innovation in design, architecture as well as market practices for Emaar.

Brand Promise
The structure of the company along with the architectural geniuses it employs makes sure its brand value rests on a sound foundation. With the allied strength of all its business interest it is able to bring about holistic change in the industry by investing in projects that increase visibility and trust value for the consumer. The testimony to the success of the company comes from not only its projects that showcase its ability to create marvels but also the numerous awards and accolades it has collected over the years that include “Best Developer in the Middle East and North Africa” and the “Middle East Business Global Competitiveness Excellence Award” among others.


1. It was in 1997 that Emaar was established and changed the landscape of the country.
2. The brand successfully won the trust of its customers at the time of establishment with an initial capital of about AED one billion.
3. It has been responsible for projects such as the development of the largest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Promise Beacon

  • 16.7: The amount in billion dollars that the brand holds in assets.
  • 234: The amount of land in million sq meters that is owned by them in their international operations.
  • 18: The percentage of annual growth rate it displayed in 2012 .
  • 35,200: The number of residential units the brand has delivered till date.
  • 500: the amount in million AED were raised by the brand by issuing trust certificates last year.