32-radikalIn a momentous journey spanning a breezy 4 years since Radikal came into existence in 2009, the brand Radikal has announced its presence and declared its mission with equal measures of acumen and aplomb: establishing operations sweeping across 45 countries including those in Asia, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Canada, underscoring its commitment to quality, excellence, innovation and empowerment while delivering a radical rice experience that resonates true with its brand name in the manner it inspires healthy lifestyles

With a novel approach to the largely unorganized industry of rice that percolates from the top across all facets of its operations, ranging from sourcing raw material to production, distribution, logistics and packaging the end product, Radikal has several firsts to its credit. With its genesis in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas, Radikal Premium Basmati Rice is processed among the most state-of-the-art stainless steel plants that entail 100% food-grade quality and hygiene standards, coupled with cutting-edge technology, which diminishes chaff content leading to a brand of rice that is low-fat, high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals. Earlier this year, Radikal more than doubled the capacity at its rice milling plant in Garh Mukhteshwar, UP, from an annual production capacity of 2,00,000 metric tons to 4,80,000 metric tons. Already consumed in 45 countries across the globe, the brand’s variegated offerings have consistently transcended frontiers in the short passage since its inception, in addition to becoming the preferred choice of prominent Airline and Hospitality players. Radikal’s next gigantic leap? Foraying into varied food segments and aiming to reach a whopping 65 countries by the end of 2013, which bears strong testament to its central belief: to offer radically pure and radically fit grains for people of all ages and tastes, across the world, enhancing life standards through basmati rice, which it has endeavoured to serve as the most nutritive food in the world.

By consciously keeping its guiding principles away from the beaten path of the vastly ‘commoditydriven’ mindset of rice, Radikal has instead focused on developing its brand and value proposition on enhancing everyday consumer lifestyles by steadily cultivating its cornerstone of Quality. Age like fine wine and glitter like pure gold – as the adage goes – is a practice fine-tuned into the manufacturing of Radikal Rice. The highest standards of purity and aroma in the brand’s repertoire draw strength from an authentic sourcing and no-adulteration policy, while this young brand has already stamped a benchmark in the critical ‘ageing’ juncture of rice: 24 months is the minimum gestation period Radikal adheres to, a significant sacrifice in cost when traded off against quality considerations. It is nuances and beliefs such as these that have evoked a superlative degree of brand trust and loyalty among its customers. For the brand’s firsttime users, the experience often best synopsises ‘It’s the Radikal Way, or it might as well be the highway!’

Radikal’s conviction in treating the rice consumer at large as an intelligent and discerning individual when provided its compelling alternative of premium quality rice at prevalent competitive prices has manifested itself in the marketing missives it has thus far disseminated. The brand has been swift to dexterously interweave this facet in its strategy of ‘expensive’ positioning propelled by premium quality-at-best-price, with a keen push on showcasing informative and sophisticated packaging standards that have raised the bar in its operative ambit. Employing the creative services of the world’s leading creative agencies and tapping the aesthetic pulse of the contemporary consumer, a packet of Radikal Rice stands out in striking contrast on the supermarket shelf. The educative and entertaining elements that include a brief history of the origins of Basmati Rice and the basic tenets of cooking, it delectably add to the brand’s trendsetting yet thoughtful promotional appeal. Radikal further plans to unleash the full arsenal of its marketing prowess via the launch of a powerful marketing drive and network augmentation program in 2013.

Genius begets not just skill, but often implies a straightforward yet masterful return to grassroots. Radikal’s ingenuity lies in perceiving a daily commodity such as rice as a brand in its own right rather than a traditional agricultural item sold in silos, and catalysing a renaissance in quality Basmati rice processing and distribution. With best-in-class technological practices such as the effective use of SAP and handheld devices to aid in marketing recon, and collaborative relationships forged with farmers, the brand’s lateral outlook has led to its witnessing a metamorphosis quite akin to a rice grain’s!

Since its advent in 2009, Radikal has embodied the values of quality, purity, and authenticity, keeping consumer health and nutritive benefits at the heart of its mission, to enrich lives by offering truly exceptional and innovative products, and exuding an aura of uncompromising diligence and good health.