96-Biman-BangladeshFormulated in January 1972, and conceived on the 23rd of July 2007, Biman Bangladesh is the flagship airline carrier operating from the hangars of Shahjalal International Airport in the capital city – Dhaka, as well as Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong and Osmani International Airport in Sylhet. Prioritizing a key feature like ‘safety’, the airline has spread its wings to 16 different countries globally. The word ‘Biman’ refers to ‘Aero plane’ originating from ancient Vedic Sanskrit literature.

Blaze to Brilliance
Ever since the transformational metamorphosis into the country’s largest public sector company by the caretaker Government of Bangladesh, the airline, in the present day has expanded its flights destination to 29 different international destinations spanning from New York in the West to Tokyo in the East. The airline first began its international forte on the 4th of March 1972 with flights operating on a weekly schedule to London. The airline possesses service agreements with 43 countries but operates in 16 creating an eminent and bright future for the group. This promising airline has modernized its fleet with new-generation aircrafts confederating an annex with the world leaders in aircraftmanufacturing – Boeing. The airlines received Boeing’s 300th 777-300ER and became the 27th airline to operate the new model with 10 more of them waiting to be delivered by 2014. Passengers traveling on the Biman Bangladesh route network will have more choices and flexibilities as a result of additional aircrafts and the subsequent flight frequencies. The airline also mobilizes a fewof Boeing 777-200’s as well, charting its destination towards becoming a prodigious airline in the near future. In the fiscal year 2005-06, Biman Bangladesh carried 1.15 million passengers with a growth rate of 70 % over the previous decade. Annual Hajj flights transporting non-resident Bangladeshi workers and migrants also form an integral part of the carrier’s business model.

Faith Factor
The airlines are headquartered in Balaka Bhaban, which is located in Kurmitola, in the capital city of Dhaka.Safety is the highest priority element integrated into the airlines operational culture. It is certified as ‘safe’ to fly in Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency and has also successfully passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit. Moreover, by the same token of safety and quality, Biman Bangladesh airlines accommodate numerous ancillary and maintenance facilities to mitigate and expedite the daily operations of the airlines – The Biman Flight Catering Centre (BFCC), The Biman Poultry Complex (BPC), The Bangladesh Airline Training Centre (BATC) and Biman Engineering.
The Biman Flight Catering Centre was established in 1989 and is one the group’s most profitable operations, and its purpose is to provide all in-flight meals not only to Biman Bangladesh Airlines, but to other airlines operating in Bangladesh as well. This subsidiary has the capacity to produce 8500 meals per day. The Biman Poultry Complex, which occupies 75 acres of land located 40 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Dhaka, is another profit-generating subsidiary which was formed in 1976. The Biman Flight Catering Centre consumes 90% of the poultry produce annually playing a significant role in the provision of low-cost dietary protein to the airlines and consumers. The Bangladesh Airlines Training Centre – approved by The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)– proactively and functionally operates for the specialization of technical training for ground crews, flight service, and other technical personnel. The center has also been turned into a seat for training and technical seminars for local travel agents and foreign airlines. The conceptual ideology behind the engineering division – Biman Engineering – was to function engineering independently and profitably from other commercial ventures.

Engagement that Enthralls
In addition to the airlines own aircrafts, Biman’s ground-handling unit and staff also provides support to other international airlines at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. The airlines has a dedicated desk for transit and / or transfer passengers available round the clock at the airport; the functionality of this desk consists of assistance to travelers for all airport and on-ground services. Biman Bangladesh Airlines staff is trained to provide quick & efficient check-in, which is a key requirement for passengers in world travel.

Bearing towards modernization and new-generation aircrafts and equipment, the airlines signed and associated with ‘Amadeus’ in 2007 to upgrade the ticketing system with an e-ticketing solution – complying with IATA governance rules and regulations – to reduce the queue system for ticketing and check-in facilities and to reduce costs. The airline’s Reservation and Departure Control System and other communication systems are fully computerized. Biman is now striving to make the airline more attractive to its valued passengers by fixing priority on providing more comfort and maintaining schedule regularity.

Brand Promise
In an industry that has witnessed testing times in plenty, Biman Bangladesh’s steady stride toward growth, development, and transformation are testament to the quality of the airline’s products and services. Increasing flight frequencies in network reinforces the airline’s commitment to comfortable, convenient and adequate services. It is also upgrading its systems architecture for valuable customers across the globe.


ƒ1. Biman Airway received Boeing’s 300th777-300ER which shall be clubbed with a fleet of 10 more to come in by the year 2014.
2. In 2011 Biman Airways received the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) operating certificate augmenting the trust levels in the customer’s mind.
3. Biman Airways owns the pride of carrying 6, 56,000 hajj pilgrims to the holy shrines of the Saudi Arabia since inception.

Promise Beacon

  • Plans to increase fleet for the accession of flight network globally.ƒ ƒ
  • Introduction of a frequent-flyer program to retain customer base.
  • Offers a Flexible Price Viewing System on the website.ƒ
  • ƒ Ground-handling unit provides support to international airlines at HazratShahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. ƒ
  • Has air service agreements with 42 countries.