somanyA passion to capture the memories of millions and forge close connections with its customers on both a functional and emotional tangent, and an uncanny penchant to stay finely in tune with consumer trends and aspirational values of contemporary times has led to the Somany Ceramics brand of glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, sanitary ware and porcelain floor tile solutions achieving new landmarks and creating refreshing trends in home interior design. Since 1969, the brand has endeavoured to adorn homes and weaved stories that chronicle delight, exuberance and vivaciousness, complimented by the quality, strength and life of its products.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE With a sphere of influence spanning across India, South Africa, the Middle East, United Kingdom & Russia and over four decades of imbuing a brand mission of spearheading industry innovation and price efficacy in congruence with heralding the advent of novel fashion frontiers in the ceramics and allied products segment, Somany Ceramics has established its presence as a leading and formidable force in the Indian tiles sector. At its Haryana and Gujarat manufacturing facilities in India, generating a production capacity of 24.45 million sq. metres annually, the brand’s promise of rendering joy per square feet to its customers is energised by consistency: from implementing the newest in technological brilliance to a steadfast practice of lateral thought and trend-setting tenets, to pioneering several firsts in design and style for consumers. Somany Ceramics’ determined pursuit of delivering excellence and investment into Research & Development have placed its brand in an illustrious bracket: as early as 1996, Somany’s indigenous R&D unit became the first ever in the Indian tile industry to obtain the approval and recognition of its country’s government. The brand also has to its credit a patented ‘VC Shield’ technology – an invention of a high abrasion resistant glaze composition – another first-mover distinction for an Indian tile brand.

FAITH FACTOR The Somany Ceramics brand has successfully unlocked the charismatic code of keeping its customers riveted to its array of offerings over the decades by orchestrating a memorable user experience. The brand’s initial promise of providing its customers with an assurance of strength and durability has been augmented in recent times and has now translated into dynamism and effervescence that consumers today identify with the avant-garde look and feel of the brand’s products. It is this unique brand value proposition of being felt, not just seen or heard, and to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with its customers and reinforce brand-customer relationships, that embodies the Somany experience: a brand that customers would desire to spend time with!

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Marketing planning, strategic thinking, creative approach, out-of-the-box thinking and innovation have been pivotal to the success quotient and strong brand appeal of Somany Ceramics. Among the most trusted brands in both aided and unaided recall, the recent makeover in the Somany brand identity was driven by a keenness to keep pace with consumer trends and market realities.
The all-encompassing arena of promotional activity to reposition and relaunch Somany Ceramics as a new brand idea with a new voice, as it embarked on an exciting new journey to reach even closer and tap the pulse of consumers, has included conventional and non-traditional routes of communication, prominent among them being a return to television commercials and an impetus on the digital and out-ofhome routes, innovative activations to highlight the vibrant, exciting, dynamic and passionate persona of Somany Ceramics in its new avatar. With a view to bolster customer-orientation, the predominance of the colour red in its new brand logo stems from the core of Somany’s energy-packed and enterprising DNA and aims to appeal to a wider audience via fresher and engaging products, marking their foray into consumer consciousness.

INNOVEDGE Intelligence in identifying and designing innovation in its range of wares, and consistency in delivering the latest in quality, fashion and style to its target market has propelled the Somany Ceramics brand to the stature of an entity that is at once admirable and responsible. Assiduously believing in investment into significant Research & Development initiatives – and then metamorphosing these achievements into products that gleam with originality and excellence in interior design – breathes fire into the Somany brand!

BRAND PROMISE Somany stands for an innovative, bestin- class quality, passion-driven and an audacious approach to life that makes every Somany user proud. It stands for the Somany way of doing things. In recent times, Somany Ceramics’ vibrant, young and energetic identity strives for even better consumer connect, with this compelling trait carving for the brand an even more special place in the hearts and minds of its customers.

1. Somany Ceramics received patent for its VC Shield Technology, India’s highest abrasion resistant tiles – a fi rst in the tiles industry.
2. Somany became India’s fi rst tile to be felicitated with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark license for its products, manufactured at its Kassar (Haryana, India) manufacturing unit.
3. Somany Ceramics is the fi rst to receive membership to the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which reassures that each manufactured product is eco-friendly and contributes to a sustainable world.

1. 1983: It sets up a second unit in Gujarat, expanding the capacity to 2.65 mn sq. mtrs to meet the demand in southern and western India
2. 1996: Received government recognition for R&D facility – a fi rst in the Indian tile industry
3. 1999: Accredited with ISO 9001 certifi cation for quality for its manufacturing facilities
4. 2007: Renamed as Somany Ceramics Ltd and ventured into retail and sanitaryware space with a separate division called ‘Aquaware’
5. 2012: Acquired 26 per cent equity stake in Vintage Tiles Private Ltd and launch digital tiles