25-rajdhani-besanThe Company began operations as a small manufacturing unit processing less than 10 MT of Gram per day under the brand name ‘Rajdhani’ in the year 1958. Today it is a conglomerate of companies actively involved with various foodprocessing sectors with a daily Gram processing capacity of up to 650 MT. The company’s main priority has been to deliver the best quality food products and it has been successful in achieving the same since inception. Rajdhani, a household name, has been widely appreciated for the kind of products and services it has been providing to its esteemed customers. A pioneer in Agroproducts, Rajdhani has been bringing the best of nature to millions of families for the last five decades.The company has been successful in establishing a wide export network, besides having a strong foothold in the Indian market. A large milling capacity coupled with the hard work of more than 500 employees has been responsible for the company reaching a turnover of over Rs. 600 Crores

Blaze to Brilliance
Rajdhani has transpired into a household name especially in Northern India. Having built an excellent brand image which commands tremendous respect in the market for agroproducts, the company today has made inroads into every Indian kitchen, winning the confidence of millions ofhouseholds. Rajdhani has become a synonym of excellent quality and safety.The company produces Besan for all market segments across the world with the highest quality products and services, and it has some of the best known corporate bigwigs as its clients in snack food, hospitality and the retail industries.Rajdhani Besan is the firstcompanyto make Besan on a truly world-class scale and equally provide phenomenally great quality in each product and packaging.Being the market leader in Besan for the last 5 decades, Rajdhani is the only brand name with a wide range of Besan granularity to suit all demands.Today Rajdhani produces a dozen varieties of Besan based upon the end use & it is a key ingredient in the country’s most popular snack foods & traditional namkeens. Each variety of Besan is packed in color-codedpoly bags so that consumers can easily distinguish products and every variety has its defined usage. Maintaining best quality is a humongous task which has been accomplished time and again consistently by Rajdhani Besan.

Faith Factor
Rajdhani Besan has constantly innovated and developed methods to technology to enhance and achieve quality products. The company has been successful in bringing and incorporating high-tech systems along with experienced professionalism into achieving best quality results each time.Quality control measures were setup in consultation with highly acclaimed laboratories including FRAC Delhi & CFTRI Mysore. Rajdhani is the first company in its field to get ISO 22000:2005certification to add to its original ISO 9001:2000 certification. The management has developed a food safety system to ensure the highest levels of quality & hygiene. Rajdhani Besan is also AGMARK Certified, which is the most prestigious Indian quality control standard and this has fuelled its desire to be the best globally with recognized certifications so as to prove that there is no compromise to food quality and safety. In recognition of the management’s zealous focus on quality, Rajdhani was awarded the National Award for the year 2010 and is the only Company to win this accolade in the Industry.

Engagement that Enthralls
Rajdhani Besan has constantly tried to evolve its reputation of delivering the best product amongst all health conscious consumers. Made from the freshest Chana Dal, Rajdhani Besan is good for the heart as it has zero cholesterol and has a low Glycemic Index and is good for diabetics. It is gluten free, so as to be suitable for those suffering from Celiac disease. Besan also has a high proportion of protein and healthy carbohydrates.

Since its inception, Rajdhani Besan has emphasized on achieving the finest quality product over a period of time.To persistently achieve this objective consistently, the company has developed processes involving scrupulous tests, strict quality control standards and hightech systems. All varieties of premium Rajdhani Besan are processed from quality gram procured from the best sources in the world. The purchase goes through a multi-level check and is procured by thorough testing and analysis. Using the renowned SORTEX systems, green grains are removed, thereby achieving 100% purity in chana dal. This pure chana dal has a gold-like sparkle, which is then grounded using different proprietary milling techniques to get the desired granularity. The entire process is pneumatic and automatic & thus there is no chance of contamination at any stage. The entire packaging is through automatic high precision FSS machines.

Brand Promise
Since inception, Rajdhani Besan has focused to be the best flour manufacturer in the world. And in its quest to remain the best in the industry, they introduced the latest state-of-theart machinery. They also by employed better techniques so as to upgrade their production processes. In the early 1990s, with the opening of the world economy, the management of the company travelled to Denmark & collaborated with the Fowler Westrup group to develop the first gram processing machineries suitable for Indian crop & conditions. Similarly they were one of the first adopters of color sorters in the industry whereby individual grain particles are checked for discoloration. A company has shown a promise to be the best and also to remain the best, an astounding feat generated over 50 years of excellence, professionalism and commitment. It is this commitment thatlends Rajdhani Besan its top quality and helps it have an edge in the market.