59-eko-woodEko Wood is a Malaysian brand that deals in solid wood floorings. Starting out as a small business in Malaysia Eko grew into an international brand that satisfies customers all over the world. The company has created a global market for itself and is now one of the leading companies in the industry

Blaze to Brilliance
Eko wood started out as a small, homegrown business dealing in hardwood flooring in Malaysia. The company then transformed itself into a global brand through years of hard work and diligence. With customers all over the world, the company made the bold move of setting up overseas subsidiaries to further its business agendas. The company took this step because it wanted to be closer to its customers. As a part of this move the company set up offices and subsidiaries in USA, Spain, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and China. The company at present has a combined sales strength of 50 professionals that is backed by the presence of 7 warehouses in various parts of the world.
Eko has a factory in Malaysia with a built-up area of 65,000 sq. m and a land area of almost three times the built-up. The company now employs over 400 skilled and experienced personnel. The company manufactures world class hardwood flooring by utilizing the latest technologies and effectively using their human resources. The company has invested more than US$ 30 million on this production plant. Due to the recent expansion of this factory, the production capacity of the company has increased to 2.7 million sq. m.

Faith Factor
Eko owes its position as a global brand to its excellence at manufacturing quality hardwood floorings that appeal to its customers. To always produce such quality products Eko uses advanced technological methods and efficient techniques for sourcing raw materials. Eko uses cross-grained technology that makes its products 70 percent more stable than conventional solid timber flooring. Also the company’s floors are not laminates and are made of 100 percent real solid wood. Ekowood floors have 6 layers of lacquer coating that has been cured with UV light. This makes these floors highly scratch and stain resistant. These products are also pre-finished which results in higher precision and even application. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and undergoes strict quality tests periodically to ensure that its products are safe and durable. The company’s floors also surpass international standards such as ANSI, EN, BS, DIN and JAS.
The company’s products are popular with architects and designers who know that Eko will only supply them with the best quality products. The consistent delivery of excellence is why the designers of many prestigious projects around the world choose the company to provide hardwood flooring. Eko flooring can be found in luxury residential projects in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, China and many other countries. The company has also worked on public and commercial projects and its products can be found in art galleries and libraries in Japan and museums in Germany and Spain. It has also contributed to many high-end golf courses and clubhouses in China. The company has also worked on many five star international hotels like the Hilton KL Sentral, Westin KL, Traders Inn KL, Marriott Putrajaya and Pilote Hotel, Italy. Eko floorings can also be found in established show galleries such as in the Mercedes Showroom, Bufori Showroom and also Proton Showroom

Engagement that Enthralls
Eko’s range of products is so vast that it can fluster the casual browser with choice. The company has divided its products into several categories to make the decision-making process easier. The first category of products is the ‘Exotic Selection’ with wood from the rainforests of Asia, Africa and South America. This range of products offered by Eko is familiar yet exquisitely unique. The company also offers a ‘Temperate Favorites’ collection with wood ranging from the pale white oak and ash to the dark brown walnut. These floors display natural warmth that is timeless. Another selection offered by Eko is the ‘Winchester Collection which is made with the connoisseur in mind. A hand crafted array of the best hardwood floors in the company’s range which provides visual and tactile delight to the more experienced customer. The ‘Fine Seasons’ collection of the company is one of the innovative ideas of the company that has proved brilliantly successful. Each plank of this collection features a unique color and pattern. It is the perfect choice for the contemporary interior of the urban abode of the modern populace.

Eko’s innovative spirit can be witnessed in its ‘Fine Seasons’ collection. The company’s idea of weaving together strips of wood from different species or the same species of trees is truly brilliant. This idea stands out from the norms set by the industry. Each plank of wood of this collection displays a unique color and pattern. This range is ideal for the modern populace living in urban houses.

Brand Promise
Eko wants to be the leading manufacturer of engineered solid hardwood flooring. It wants to provide this lifestyle choice to not only a privileged few but also to the masses. Eko will strive to achieve its goal by exceeding the norms of the industry and by satisfying its customers through its quality products.