greenlam-laminates-250x201REDEFINING INTERIORS

One of the leading laminate manufacturers and the leader in Asian markets in decorative laminates, Greenlam manufactures an amazing assortment of laminates for use in homes and workspaces. Greenlam is a pioneer in bringing international trends in laminate designs to India. It offers a wide range of innovative designs and special textures which have redefined the surfacing trends.


  • Greenlam is present in over 100 countries
  • GREENLAM factories are awarded with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Asian market leader in decorative laminates
  • Greenlam’s Decowood, an exclusive range of veneers, brings the world’s most exotic timbers ranging from walnut and rosewood to mahogany and ebony together from Africa, America, Europe, Brazil, India and Indonesia

Thanks to its superior quality and designs and an unwavering commitment towards environment, Greenlam has been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GREENLABEL and GREENGUARD certifications. In fact, Greenlam is the first laminate manufacturer in India to be awarded with these certifications. It also meets rigid international quality standards like NEMA of the US and BS of the United Kingdom.

Greenlam Laminates brings the widest range of innovative lifestyle designs that have redefined the interiors time and again. It also offers specially adapted hand holds for physically disabled and impressive privy divider panels which are extensively used for commercial applications and in public areas

Greenlam has a prominent presence across the world. It is present in over 100 countries like USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, The Netherlands, and UAE. Blending technology with aesthetics and designs with functionality, Greenlam has consistently been on the top in laminates business.

Greenlam’s Decowood, its premium range of natural decorative veneers, makes interiors naturally beautiful. This exclusive range of veneers brings the world’s most exotic timbers ranging from walnut and rosewood to mahogany and ebony together from Africa, America, Europe, Brazil, India and Indonesia. More than 200 species of woods are made available in different cuts like quarter, crown and different forms like vertical, horizontal and mosaic. Green Decowood transforms simple projects into works of art by making available pre-dyed and engineered veneers to cater to imagination that is truly distinct. Adding to that, the entire range of veneers is manufactured using MITT for better bonding, as against conventional glue spreading method. This ensures uniform and strong bonding of decorative veneer with the base ply, and prevents penetration of oil or phenolic resin from the base ply to the decorative surface.
Greenlam’s Sturdo, embellished with raw silk finish and antibacterial laminates, is an incredible assortment of restroom and lockers solutions.

An environmentally responsible company that takes the role of a leader rather seriously, the belief at Greenlam is to lead by example. From the very first step in the manufacturing process to the final product, everything is carefully monitored and meticulously scrutinised for quality. The idea is to develop a range of laminates that last for years while causing the least environmental pollution.