country of origin : SINGAPORE
industry : Food & Beverage


Promise Beacon

  • ƒ 2001: Gardenia acquired Bonjour as it had become the #2 brand in Singapore for packaged loaf bread after Gardenia.
  • ƒ 1996: Gardenia became the first sandwich loaf bakery to be conferred the prestigious ISO 9002 Quality certification by the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board.
  • ƒ Awarded by the Health Promotion Board, the Healthier Choice Symbol can be found on a variety of Gardenia breads, including their Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread.
  • ƒ Efficient sales and delivery teams ensure daily bread delivery to some 3000 retail outlets in Singapore.
  • ƒ The Gardenia 24×7 Bread Vending Machines have a capacity of 120 items each, with full loading capacity of 80 loaf-breads and 40 buns per machine.