58-Ushdev_InternationalOne of India’s largest Companies in the Metal trading sector with its main businesses in Metals and Power Generation, Ushdev International has revenues in excess of INR 8884 Crores, 100 employees and offices strategically located in 5 countries. It first started operations in the name of Ushdev Trade & Finvest Ltd. under the leadership of Shri Vijay D Gupta on 18th May 1994. Thereafter, the company changed its name to Ushedv International Ltd. on 23rd July 1996 and since then it has had a constant impact in the industry. UIL reported 24% rise in its net profit at Rs 29.81 Cr. and 27% growth in net sales at Rs 2045.09 Cr. for the first quarter ended June 30, 2013. It is the only company in India which trades in both ferrous & non-ferrous metals and is amongst the top 40 metal selling companies in the world in terms of annual sales. It is the 3rd largest private sector trading company and features in the top 10 metal dealing companies in India. It also has introduced Wind Power Generation facilities in five states – Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Karnataka.

Blaze to Brilliance
20 years of excellence and the willpower of a bullfighter who everyday gets into the arena to fight for survival. He learns new tactics everyday and is able to defy all odds and stay in the fight, a fight to be the best. In the metal trading business there is always a possibility of a downturn, but the company has stayed at the top and will remain there because of its ever newer strategies, outstanding leadership, dedication and willingness to do what they do best. This has been the chronicle of a company that has made continuous inroads into the commission and trading business. Starting as a steel trader and then including more metals into its portfolio like brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, nickel and tin has been the turning point for the company. The companys’ perseverance and continued promise to evolve has taken this brand to innumerable heights in a short span of time compared with its competitors. Ushdev was successfully commissioned in March 1995 and it went public which brought an infusion of Rs. 17,500,000 of fresh capital into the firm. By January 1996, Ushdev with the approval of the RBI set up a 100% wholly owned ancillary in the Cayman Islands, named Ushdev International (Cayman) Limited to trade in the international market. Year 1997 brought the inception, development & inclusion of Wind Farms into the business and so it launched its first, 2.5 MW Wind Power Project for generating electricity at Naranapuram, Tamil Nadu. Since then they have been implementing projects to bring their total power generation to 28.3 MW. For manufacturing mills they not only supply raw materials but also purchase finished goods from them. Presently they import diverse forms of metals from 26 countries and exports them to 28 countries worldwide.

Faith Factor
Success is not defined by market share alone, but also by the number of satisfied customers. Ushdev, all through its journey, has been successful in creating that brand loyalty space in the minds of its customers because of its high quality products at competitive prices thus developing a trust in the brand. The numbers have increased and so has the quality. This faith has inspired them to do better and endlessly improve, imploring them to reach the sky. Ushdev to consolidate its brand has ventured into two fully owned subsidiaries: UIL (Singapore) Pte Ltd and UIL Hong Kong Ltd to reach out to fresh markets and gain more loyal customers. On 2nd September 2009, UIL Singapore inaugurated its operations in Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Australia. Today its net value is USD 26.88 Million and it has accomplished sales of USD 307.83 Million for FY 2012-13. In November 2009, Ushdev HK was initiated to cater to the markets like Vietnam, Thailand, China, Canada, USA, UAE and India. Its net worth is USD 27.86 Million and it has achieved sales of USD 356.34 Million for FY 2012-13. On April 25th 2013, the company demerged its wind power business into a newly formed company which would raise its capacity by the end of the current financial year.

Engagement that Enthralls
Efforts of Ushdev have been acknowledged time and again by innumerable institutions across the world. For instance, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) acknowledged the technological prowess of the 9.9 MW Wind Power Project of Ushdev located at Theni, Tamil Nadu, for CDM activity in 2012. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CER) credits. The mechanism stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction targets. Ushdev have also been associated with Children’s Future India and Maaya Foundation to develop the capabilities of the students in remote villages by providing education, regular health check-ups, computer education, adult education programme for the village community & creating awareness among the villagers about health and hygiene. Ushdev has also sponsored 23 surgeries in the impoverished societies in the year 2012-13 with free follow up care.

UIL uses the most recent and state-of-the-art facilities for generating electricity. In March 2005, the Company installed and started a new Wind Power project in Chinnaputhur Village, Dharampuram Taluk, Erode District, comprising of 2 Enercon make E-48 WEGs of 800 KW each totaling 1.60 MW at a cost of Rs. 7.80 Cr. spread over 10 acres of land, 2 machines of 800 KW each in Chitradurga district of Karnataka at a cost of 8 Cr., and 3 machines of 800 KW each in Jaisalmer District in Rajasthan at a cost of 12 Crore and followed this by installing 2 more WEGs in Jamnagar District in Gujarat in March 2007 costing around 8 Cr. and 4 WEGs in Jamnagar District in Gujarat in July 2007 at a cost of 16 Crore. In September 2009, the company installed 6 machines of Vestas make of 1.65 MW each in Theni District of Tamil Nadu, totaling to 9.9 MW at a total cost of 60.90 Cr. The project achieved more than 30% Plant Load Factor (PLF) in the Financial Year 2012-13. In the year 2010, they added a new power plant of 8 MW in Maharashtra. Ushdev International is bringing better technologies to generate clean energy which can benefit millions of lives in India without wasting natural resources and saving Earth for a bright future.

Brand Promise
Ushdev has shown enormous promise in the work they have done till now for the development of the country along with the betterment of the society as a whole. It is this promise that they are keeping by venturing into new areas and fresher businesses. UIL is in the course of arriving in the Information Technology business and generate an absolute Business to Business (B2B) Exchange which would be the first of its kind in the entire world.