67-dapperCatering to the needs of the bold and the beautiful in Thailand and beyond, dapper has become a leader in its mid-to-high segment of fashion , business as well as casual apparel. The company has grown since its birth in 1979 to a brand name that is to be reackoned with in the domestic market and has turned to one that is worth watching out for in the international market as well

Blaze to brilliance
The journey of Dapper towards becoming one of the most renowned brands of high-end clothing and apparel to come out of Thailand began in the year 1979 with the establishment of the company. It was first destined to be aimed at a pure male audience and catering to a specific target group within that audience. It was to produce shirts, trousers as well as suits for the businessman that demanded quality from every aspect of his life, including clothing. The company delivered that. Soon however, with the coming of age of the new woman who was in control of her own destiny, the brand realised that the market was open for it to use its expertise and develop a line that would cater to the women in the same segment. It thus increased its market without having to dramatically change its strategies as a brand; it just had to expand to encompass women and their needs. After this exercise of conducting line expansion the brand diversified further to include footwear for both these segments. The company has recognised the changing markets as well as the changing fashion trends and utilising this knowledge it has brought forth collections that have entranced the consumer and made the brand a leader.

Faith factor
The apparel and footwear brand that leads the country both in terms of brand awareness and aspiration has made its way into the hearts and minds of the Thai audience by providing them with quality. It has made a niche for itself but at the same time has diversified its image from a purely business apparel brand to casual wear as well as designer fashion wear. It now operates in three different brand names dapper women, dapper footwear and Dapper men. The three have developed their own identity, constantly updating themselves with the need of the audience to keep up with world trends. Its collections like Magic Realism from 2013, the momo collection from 2013, and stepping out from 2012 capture different moods and provide clothing for different levels parts of an individual’s life; private and public.

Engagement that enthralls
The company has decided to go global and reap the benefits of the experience it has gained in the domestic market and apply it to the international market. Stepping into the global market for the first time, the brand wants to enter with panache. A string of exclusive stores in markets like Spain and Australia seem to be the leading ideas being explored by the brand. It is exploring other modes of entry like Joint Ventures and and/or a franchise system as well. With the decision to go global already made, the brand has set itself the target of doubling its turnover with half of it coming from the international market. This expansion is also to include countries from Asia like Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia. Catering to the young and the beautiful the company’s collections will also reflect on its going international and will include more intensely global trends, specially being close to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan. The company is also bringing global trends closer to home with joint ventures with companies from the U.S. to introduce a brand of footwear known as Chai Thai into the domestic market. The heights the brand has reached is an example of how quality delivered delivers success.

The fashion market is one that demands constant change and updating along with the ability to read trends and the consumer’s needs. This is exactly what dapper has done in the past, expanding with the needs of the market and changing its image with the change in trends. Their collections like Magic Realism with its sharp bold colours and cuts, the softness of the pastel shades and rounded shapes of the momo collection and the drama captured in boldness of the upcoming collection, tent of dreams perfectly exemplifies the ability of Dapper to change and adapt with the demands of the market. The brand also retails accessories in the form of ties, bets, Wallets, handbags to become the answer to all of the fashoinista’s needs.

Brand Promise
The company is on a constant path to growth since its inception, expanding it’s reach from segment to segment, target audience to target audience and now from country to country. The reason for the success of an apparel brand, apart from its marketing strategies, resides in the quality and designs it puts out. The brand realises that as an economy that gains a lot from its tourism sector, Thai brands cater to not only the domestic but also the international audience. It thus markets itself to appeal to both segments and keeps its collections in tandem with global trends and demands. It is due to its understanding of the fashion world and of the market and segment; it operates in that the brand has become a national leader and is now hungry for international success.