dr-orthoSBS Biotech Unit-II, the well known pharmaceuticals company, was founded by Sanjeev Juneja with sheer grit, determination and a strong desire to serve the ailing masses. The company has been registering impressive growth year after year. Headquartered in Chandigarh, the company delivers products so that people can live a healthier life.



  • ‘Even the pain will writhe’ (Ab Dard Bhi Ghutne Tekega) captures the ethos of the brand
  • Dr Ortho has successfully entered the prestigious INR 1bilion club
  • Dr Ortho has established itself as an alternative in the chronic pain segment

Providing traditional therapy with a modern approach has remained at the core of the company’s philosophy since its inception. The portfolio of the company is vast, ranging from products like Kesh King oil, shampoo, Dr Ortho oil etc.The composition that goes in the making of Dr Ortho – a product of SBS Biotech Unit – is derived from the ayurvedic texts and has been developed to suit the modern lifestyles. ‘Even the pain will writhe’ (Ab dard bhi ghutne tekega) – the ethos of the brand truly explains its efficient services and products. It is effective in curing joint pains, back aches, muscular sprains, arthritis, etc.

Dr Ortho is extremely popular amongst consumers and is synonymous with quick pain relief. Its packaging is unique and attractive. Innovative and attractive trade practices, effectively chosen distribution channels and appropriate utilisation of manpower help the brand surge ahead of its competitors. Dr Ortho oil is generally applied to get rid of stiffness of joints and has worked wonders in the past few years.

In a fixed time frame, SBS Biotech Unit-II is poised to penetrate developing world markets where quality medicines have not yet reached. Two-way communication for sharing as many inputs and suggestions is the norm in the company and in-house and external survey reports are prepared in order to shape the company’s marketing plans.

Consumer satisfaction is the ultimate objective at SBS Biotech. The company believes that it is essential to be in constant touch with the consumer to gauge the market response by enquiring about the efficacy and availability of the products. Not only that, the consumer most of the time is guided as to how the medication must be taken or applied. In order to guide the patients, monitor the response and keep supply chain in check, a 24-hour call centre having 30 telephone lines is installed at SBS Unit-II which is managed by qualified ayurvedic doctors. This helpline number is explicitly printed on each pack of SBS products and the service is provided 24 hours without any break.

Dr Ortho has established itself as an alternative medicine in the chronic pain segment. Consumers perceive that chronic pains can be completely relieved with regular application of Dr Ortho which is not the case with other instant pain relievers. The brand Dr Ortho has registered a phenomenal growth in the last financial year and this year as well. It has successfully entered the INR 1 billion club with sales of around INR 1.12 billion in FY 2013-14.