38-Dr-BatrasFounded in 1982, as a single 300 sq ft clinic in Mumbai, Dr. Batra’s is today one of the largest homeopathy set ups in the world, with its presence across India, the UK and Dubai. An initiative by the visionary Padma Shri Dr Mukesh Batra, the group’s Founder-Chairman, Dr. Batra’s today caters to different healthcare verticals, including homeopathy clinics, wellness products and aesthetics.

Blaze to Brilliance
Dr. Batra’s is a chain of 109 clinics spread across 49 cities in India and abroad with over 300 doctors, including 40 MDs. It also has specialists like trichologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, paediatricians and nutritionists – making it the most unparalleled collective knowledge expertise group within a single institution. The company also has its presence internationally in the form of its clinics in the UK and the UAE. The firstever homeopathic corporate as well as the first Indian healthcare company to open a clinic at the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), Dr. Batra’s also added another feather to its ‘first-ever cap’ with the launch of its homeopathic clinic on Harley Street, London — the renowned hub of medical excellence — barely six months later. Dr. Batra’s is today a veritable authority in prophylactic as well as therapeutic homeopathic treatment, owing to its distinctive practices and competencies. It is at the forefront of modernising homeopathy by harnessing contemporary medical practices and technological advances to maximise the benefits of this holistic science to its patients. Dr. Batra’s, the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 homeopathic institution, is also ISO 9001:2008 certified as it follows international protocols and exemplary clinical practices.

Faith Factor
The USP of the brand Dr. Batra’s exemplifies quality services and enriching experiences to its patients. All the clinics at Dr. Batra’s are up-to-date with modern facilities and amenities to ensure the utmost comfort of patients. A lot of thought goes into carefully planning out the location of each clinic so that it provides easy access to all patients. The high-tech software used, combined with cutting-edge network systems, ensures that they successfully provide treatment to patients even in circumstances where they cannot report to their home branch and visit any other branch of the clinic anywhere in the country.

Enhanced video conferencing facilities enable patients living in far-away, remote locations to experience the personal healing touch during their consultation with doctors. The Cyber Clinic at Dr. Batra’s helps patients to break all barriers of time and space and get in touch with the treating physician. Whether it is providing superior diagnostic techniques such as Trichoscan, Spirometry, Wood’s lamp, or offering advanced treatment modalities, such as Low Level Laser Treatment, or Piler Light, for the treatment of hair loss, Dr. Batra’s is ever ready to provide the best solutions.

Engagement that Enthralls
Creating a brand in a field like medicine is never easy. Yet, to its credit, Dr Batra’s has managed to do that with the technology it uses and the services it provides. It has ensured that it creates awareness in homeopathy. It has also been pragmatically responsible for changing peoples’ perceptions about homeopathy across the nation. The brand Dr. Batra’s today is synonymous with homeopathy. Not surprisingly, it has the highest recall value in segments related to homeopathy. In fact, it is the only trusted brand for homeopathy in India. The marketing is highly driven by focused advertising and PR activities. A lot of ground activation work includes organising corporate health camps. The company also organises the Annual Positive Health Awards [PHA], photo exhibitions, singing concerts and book launches.

Dr Batra’s is always at the forefront of innovation. While many other homeopaths still practice giving medicines in traditional glass bottles, at Dr. Batra’s blister packaging is used to ensure that the medicine remains in its purest form till the time it is consumed. The medicines prescribed and dispensed to patients are obtained from leading suppliers with test certificates as per national or international homeopathic pharmacopoeia standards. The launch of Dr. Batras’ Tele- Homeopathy Clinic, the first of its kind in the world, has employed the power of technology to provide medical consultation on request. Tele- Homeopathy connects patients, the consulting doctor and the specialist through interactive video-conferencing with critical information/ reports of the patient being available online. mHealth, the first-of-its kind launch to be initiated by a homeopathic organisation in India, highlights the innovative application of technology to make healthcare solutions available to multitudes at the touch of a button. One of the leading features of this WAP-enabled service is free consultation to any mobile user, irrespective of whether he/she is a patient of Dr. Batra’s.

Brand Promise
Dr. Batra’s is a centre for excellence in homeopathic treatment — symbolic of a modern clinic with a mission to promote preventative and remedial treatment with world-class practices and competencies. People from all over the world visit Dr. Batra’s to experience the benefits of homeopathic treatment for any and all kinds of ailments, either by personal or online consultation.