dhflDHFL stands amongst the largest housing finance companies in India. For the last 30 years, the company has been living the dream of its founder, Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan, to provide access to easy home loans to millions of its customers. DHFL takes pride in its purposedriven team of enthusiastic people who are willing to carry on the founder’s vision and transform the housing sector in India by providing affordable housing finance.


  • DHFL is the second housing finance company to be established in India, its core competence lies in servicing the LMI segment
  • DHFL is renowned for its customer-driven approach of doing business
  • DHFL has an extensive presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities

The founder chairman observed the sad truth that most Indians couldn’t get a housing loan on fair terms. He thus set out on a mission to manage this social need. On April 11, 1984, DHFL was established to enable access to affordable housing finance to the lower and middle income groups in semi-urban and rural parts of India. DHFL is the second housing finance company to be established in the country, albeit with a different mission which is today the benchmark of financial inclusion in the Indian financial service sector.

DHFL has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to make that upward journey by simplifying financial access and providing them with the privilege of home loan products, insurance services and unique fixed deposit schemes tailored to suit their needs. The company has an extensive presence in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns, reaching out to potential customers who dream to own a home of their own.

DHFL, as a brand, has grown primarily through word of mouth publicity and references. That has been the true essence of the brand. DHFL is renowned for its customer-driven approach of doing business. In doing so, it has continually endeavoured to innovate and reach out to a vast majority of the low and middle income group customers. The company has been continuously introducing new products and variants to suit the needs of these customers. As a value-added product option to housing finance, the company provides double protection to insure the life and property of the customers.

DHFL’s core competency lies in servicing the LMI segment. It is a rather untouched market and it is where the company has excelled, both in terms of performance and reach. The credit policies are enablers of affordable housing finance. The policies have been designed keeping in mind that the customers in the LMI category are hesitant to approach the banks for housing finance. Its policies work around the regular framework of credit policies and goes a few steps further by assessing the customer’s willingness to repay, thus helping them at every stage of their financial awareness and inclusion journey.

The company looks forward to transform the lives of Indian households by enabling access to home ownership. It understands customers’ inner needs and speaks their language. The company aims to take the brand to a level where it becomes synonymous to housing finance, where it becomes a second name for housing finance. Especially this being the 30th anniversary year for the brand, so the company wants to celebrate financial inclusion along with its customers.