Coolness quotient guaranteed

Daikin Industries, the Japanese multinational airconditioner manufacturing company, was established in 1924 by Akir Yamada. The company has unbridled passion to overcome its challenges and thus became the leading manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment with innovation as its key strength. Innovative technologies like inverter eliminating waste operations in air-conditioners, heat pump conveying and R-32 in products make Daikin a preferable choice for consumers. Daikin products and services continue to evolve in pursuit of optimum energy savings and comfort offering products like split/mutli–split type air-conditioners, unitary (ducted split), air to water heat systems, heating systems, air purifiers, medium/low temperature refregiration, ventilation products, control systems, air filters and so on. Daikin has been a pioneer in bringing to the world 1,800 types of fluorine compounds such as fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers and fluorocarbons using its own unique technology.

Key Features

1. No 1 air-conditioning company in the world
2. Sold in over 140 countries
3. Sales amounting to $10 billion every year