destimoneyAn early twentieth century thinker, in one of his inspired moments said, ‘Nature grows two blades of grass, where one grew before’. This thought in the current times, is more relevantly applicable to ‘Opportunities’- Opportunities for value creation. Like the Nature that grows grass, the industry offers opportunities. The organisations that relentlessly look for, identify, capture and lead the co-creation of benefits from those opportunities for everyone, leave a special impact on their ecosystem. Destimoney Enterprises Pvt. Ltd (Destimoney) is one such organisation of prominence that has over its 6 years of existence, nurtured opportunities, treaded unchartered paths, broken cultural beliefs through innovation and created immense value for every individual and entity it has associated with. As a leading provider of Financial services products, more particularly in the mortgage loans area, Destimoney has created an aura around, which sets it apart from every known competitor in the field.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The universal formula for Destimoney in every one of its initiatives is to keep the customer at the centre. And ‘Customer’ here would include individuals and corporates who avail services of Destimoney and its business associates. This customer-centric belief is ingrained in each and every employee of the organisation. With its in-depth understanding of the business, Destimoney has pioneered creation of such tools and engines that can help its customer choose the best loan options available for them.This attitude has taken Destimoney towards creating the right fusion of process and technology that sets Destimoney excitingly apart from its competitors.

FAITH FACTOR With a presence in all major cities and professional contracts with over 20 different banks, NBFCs and Housing Finance Companies, Destimoney prides itself in its wide reach and depth. Destimoney till date has delivered more than Rs 4500 crore in high-quality loan disbursements. It is really heartening to note that the business that Destimoney has done with its financiers, has stood the test of time in terms of repayment quality. With its focussed and nimble- footed approach towards delivery of its mandates, Destimoney won the ‘Business Excellence for Financial Advisory Award’ for 2013 awarded by Worldwide Achievers (Erstwhile Time Research).

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The business of financial services distribution is known for the extremity of its challenges. While taking on these challenges, Destimoney has ensured a steadfastly professional approach towards managing its affairs related to people and processes. Destimoney is passionate about working with inspirational people, and creating the best team possible is something it works hard to achieve. Destimoney prefers to work with people who bring something new to the organisation. The company appreciates people who have ideas and thoughts on ways to do things differently.

INNOVEDGE It is no surprise that Destimoney is able to attract the best workforce in the industry as its policies for people have remained uncompromisingly transparent, giving them room to grow and perform.
The senior management of Destimoney consists of professionals who are highly experienced and well-networked in the industry. An ideal top management team is able to attract equally good middle and junior management. With the right people in place, right processes get designed and implemented comprehensively.
With a manpower strength of over 750 dedicated employees present in 20 states, the group considers itself to be large enough to deliver up to the customers’ expectations with a highly personalised service.

BRAND PROMISE Brands evolve and flourish solely by the impact of their products and services in the ecosystems they interact with. After more than 6 years of its promising presence in the market, Destimoney has the distinction of having created a corporate niche in the territory of financial services distribution. Brand Destimoney today stands for professionalism, value creation, integrity and stability. For a customer the brand evokes the promise of a corporate that cares, a corporate that is transparent and easily approachable at all levels. For a financier, the brand evokes the promise of quality business that can be sourced. For a business associate, the brand reflects proficiency and reciprocity. For an employee of Destimoney, it represents pride.

1. PNB Home Finance Joint Venture: 49 per cent strategic investment in PNBHFL. It has disbursed more than Rs 11000 crore worth of home loans and loans against properties with less than 1% of NPAs.
2. Destimoney securities: It has more than 60,000 satisfi ed clients in equity broking, insurance and wealth management.
3. Destimoney Advisors: It’s an ISO 9001:2008 certifi ed company, winner of 2013 Business Excellence for Financial Advisory Award from Worldwide Achievers (Erstwhile Time Research). It has arranged for more than Rs 5000 crore of home loans / loans against properties with more than 15,000 satisfi ed customers.

1. Value creation
2. Corporate culture
3. Customer centric
4. Excellent business credentials
5. Inspires promise for the future