earthOne of the fastest growing real estate groups in India which is conscious about the environmental impact of development, Earth Infrastructure is a major player in the Indian real estate sector. By reaching new milestones every year and adding to its achievements list, the group has a thorough understanding of the Indian real estate market. Earth Infrastructure believes in team work and works with perseverance and timeliness in order to meet deadlines of their projects and delivers products matching the customer’s desires and needs.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Earth Infrastructure entered the real estate market in India on Earth Day- April 22 in 2010. The real estate sector is going through tough times all across the world but the group’s innovative ideas and hard work have made it grow even in the hardest of times. The dream of building a real estate company whose focus was on green and eco-friendly construction along with the use of modern technology in conjunction with the Vedic knowledge about “Vaastu” for a healthy and prosperous life paid rich dividends. Also, its aggressive approach towards infrastructure development helped it to set its foot firmly in the real estate market. Since its birth a mere four years ago, the company has delivered on its promises and has grown by leaps and bounds. On the back of brilliance in innovation and modern technology, it has emerged as the most trusted real estate company of India.

FAITH FACTOR Operating in a segment like real estate, what develops a company’s reputation and contributes to its overall success are the projects it delivers. The partnerships it has built, the successful projects and satisfied customers are a testimony of Earth Infrastructure’s rise. The company is responsible for inculcating the philosophy of meaningful environmentfriendly construction in the times when environment degradation is the most pressing concern. Earth group is committed to adhere to ethical brand value and deliver absolute customer satisfaction by resolving their issues most efficiently and in the fastest pace possible.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS In a competitive industry like real estate, it is very important to ensure that customers have a lot of faith in the company’s projects. Earth Infrastructure has always valued its clients and investors by understanding their demands. Since inception, it has implemented its ideas and met the demands of its customers. With quality construction and high quality urban living, Earth Infrastructure has plans of building quality homes for the masses. The brand has taken the vital step to ensure that the dream of quality housing does not remain just another dream for the majority.

INNOVEDGE Their guiding force since the beginning has been innovation. The company operates on the principle of “innovation beyond imagination”. Adhering to the same, Earth has focussed on innovation with the use of modern technology. It has also struck a number of firsts like first green building in Greater Noida, the first bank guarantee project in India and first assured commitment amount offer in retail project in Gurgaon. Earth Infrastructure ensures that all its projects are eco-friendly and sustainable. Earth has partnered with renowned architects to deliver world -class design and infrastructure.

BRAND PROMISE Earth aspires to be among the nation’s top real estate companies while continuing to be the most trusted. Two years down, developing infrastructure outside India is also a priority on their ‘to-do’ list. Earth Infrastructure strives to deliver superior value to all stakeholders through imaginative spaces. The company aims to create a brand inspired to save the earth through meaningful environmentfriendly construction.

1. Recipient of the ‘Most innovative developer award’ and ‘Best debutant developer award’ (2010).
2. The group has 50+ offi ces, 2500+ employees, 14000+ satisfi ed customers and 10 million sq. ft space under construction.
3. It has partnered with some of the world’s most acclaimed architects and design consultants including Eigen-UK, Cervera and Pioz- Spain.

1. 2010: Earth Infrastructure was established
2. 9: Running projects across India
3. Commitment in providing quality urban housing along with sustainable development
4. First green building in Greater Noida and First Bank Guarantee Project
5. Construction in accordance with “Vaastu”