country of origin : vietnam
industry : Healthcare

Promise Beacon
ƒ While Bidiphar serves mostly Vietnam’s domestic market it also exports to six other countries. It has been successful in capturing marketshare in Laos and Cambodia and has also been exploring
opportunities in Myanmar.
ƒ They were awarded the Golden Cup in corporate culture.
ƒ Bidiphar has11 production lines that confirm to WHO GMP, storage system standard GSP, laboratory GLP standards, and they also confirm to ISO 9001:2008.
ƒ 2003: Bidiphar accounted for one third of Vietnam’s exports in pharmaceuticals (US$2m for the whole industry).
ƒ 2007: Bidiphar also owned a total of 8000ha of plantations in Laos, growing rubber, coffee, and Oolong tea. 2010, it has a 2nd joint venture in Laos.