samruddha-jeevanSamruddha Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Co-operative Society developed some revolutionary models which provide benefits to the agricultural sector and farmers. The company deals chiefly in the Sales and Purchase of cattle, Milk processing, Wormiculture Fertilizers, Bio-gas and Agricultural allied activities. The brand reckons to climb the success ladder progressively and promise to achieve growth opportunities for everybody associated with it. They have successfully created a niche in the market across the country. In just a decade, they have progressed tremendously and aspire to do so in almost every sphere of the business on a consistent basis with an aim to add value and strengthened the country’s economy in the agriculture sector.

Blaze to Brilliance:
India is an agriculture country. Though there are various sectors contributing in the Indian economy, agriculture is still a major pillar in it. If Agriculture and its allied business can be streamlined in a proper way, farmers would be able to live a prosperous life. Thus, this motive acts as a strong foundation for the company’s growth. The Samruddha Jeevan Group started as a small scale organization in 2002; soon after that they were able to successfully reach out to people with their noble motive and branding in almost all sectors, including Samruddha Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Co-operative Society. People are now aware that the brand is a symbol of trust and growth. The company continues to make its strong impressions in people’s mind by introducing various projects like Samruddha Kisaan Yojana and Samruddha Kissan Card. There are several beneficiaries associated with the growth of the brand i.e. with SAMRUDDHA JEEVAN MULTISTATE MULTIPURPOSE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY.

Faith Factor
Samruddha Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Co-operative Society is associated with the Agriculture sector. They work for the betterment of a farmer’s life by introducing various schemes which can be implemented by farmers while farming. It’s like an allied activity with traditional farm. This is the USP of the brand which makes it different from other brands and other organizational activities. Today, various beneficiaries are taking advantages of the schemes implemented by the company for their betterment. These farmers are enjoying the benefits not only in terms of financial aid but are also making a good co-operative platform for others. Their schemes like SKY (Samruddha Kissan Yojana) helps the farmer by providing him with a buffalo or goats which eventually generate a tool for his other business. They strongly believe that use of such schemes will not only make farmer’s life prosperous but also help farmers who commit suicide due to poverty.

Engagement that Enthralls
Independent Marketing Executives (IME) are the backbone for their unprecedented profit margins. They have lakhs of IME’s and customers associated so far. IME’s are trained over by the expert market research team which acts as a major motivational support for the holistic growth and prosperity to the company. At times, the company’s management team also works at odd hours with an intent to endow customize solutions to intricate problems and satisfy the needs of IME’s and all Customers at all Customer Service Centers across India. The brand successfully carries out its activity by adopting the latest scientific methods along with a 24×7 necessary technical support, round the clock medical assistance, up to date modern amenities and timely expert guidance. Samruddha Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Co-operative Society has meticulous skilled management staff to monitor and leverage incessant services to our prospective customers. Company provides a development support by various means like- Motivational Programs, Business Support Material, Immediate Service, Training and education, Technology Support, Director and Manager’s Support, Infrastructure, State Co-coordinator, Personal Counseling, More than 230 CSC and On line Business.

In today’s age, information technology and use of computers is very vital to accomplish challenging targets and achieving desired goals. Computer and internet have become an integral part of every business enterprise and the company uses these facilities to the fullest. Their motive behind using such equipments has always been to possess the latest equipment and facility which would help us to stand in an extremely technical competitive business environment.
The company’s SMS gateway and website provides all the necessary information about the company to their esteemed clients. All CSC’s of the company are always well equipped to provide computerized online services through the latest technologies.

Brand Promise
The vision of the brand is to “Strive for excellence, create a world of prosperity and empower the common man.” Their mission is to “To provide superior value, to be the best at what they do and to grow exponentially along with the stakeholders.”