Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – LENDINGKART GROUP

Lendingkart Group aims to make working capital finance available at the fingertips of entrepreneurs, so that they can focus on business instead of worrying about the gaps in their cash-flows
Lendingkart Finance Limited (Lendingkart Group NBFC ), is a non-deposit taking NBFC, providing SME lending in India. The Company aims to transform small business lending by making it convenient for SMEs to access credit easily. The Company uses technology and analytics tools, analyzing thousands of data points from various data sources to assess the creditworthiness of small businesses rapidly and accurately
The loan products of Lendingkart Finance Limited are flexible, transparent and adaptable to your business needs. The loan terms are very clear and unambiguous. The approval letters from Lendingkart   Limited communicate all charges and detailsupfront.
Four reasons to process your loan through Lendingkart Finance Limited – 1. The application process is 100% online – takes just 15 minutes2. Requires minimum documentation (for e-commerce vendors we only take bank statements and VAT returns)3. Does not require any Collateral or Net Worth details.4. Disburses money in just 3 days at fair interest rates.
Lendingkart Finance Limited, unlike banks and other NBFCs,do not focus on vendor’s old records (Past Financial Statements & Income Tax returns) to evaluate the credit risk profile of a potential client. Lendingkart Finance Limited focuses on the client’s current year’s cash flows and business growth. The objective is to make capital funds available at finger tips so that entrepreneurs can focus on business instead of worrying about gaps in their cash-flows.
The industry experts guide us on profit margins in your industry and we custom design your cost structure around it. The product of Group NBFC are unlike the concept ‘one size fits all’.With the funds that Lendingkart Finance Limited provides, you can pay your suppliers upfront and get discounts from them anywhere between 3-30% giving you a lot of savings.

Loan amount available from Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 10 Lakhs
Funds get disbursed by Lendingkart Finance within 72 hours from the time of application
Entire application process is online and takes only 15 minutes
Fair interest rates and no need for Collateral