99-videocon-d2hIn a span of little more than 3 years since its pan India launch in 2009, Videocon d2h has become a name to reckon with in the Direct To Home (DTH) space. With the usage of superior technology combined with a wide range of products and packages for every type of customer, the brand has focused strongly on attaining customer delight through optimal customer service. With a keen interest on high definition as a medium, a strong emphasis is laid on reducing costs, improving values and enhancing the subscriber base through sustained efforts. The company’s well-thought focus on leveraging the government’s initiative of digitization of television transmission in India has paid rich dividends for the brand as well.

Blaze to Brilliance
Videocon d2h had its commercial launch with its DTH services in 2009 and has crossed the 8 million subscriber base mark till date. The brand has signed the elegant and debonair Bollywood movie star Abhishek Bachchan as its brand ambassador since its early days. The technology used on the platform is the state of the art MPEG4 DVBS2. Year on year the brand has grown exponentially and during this fruitful journey the brand has also received numerous accolades and recognitions. One of the biggest challenges for a brand is reaching its target audience with the right media mix and within the planned budgets depending on the scope of the market. At Videocon d2h, they opt to connect with a particular audience based on the market dynamics, the challenges of the market and behavioral pattern of the audience. The medium chosen for a campaign is determined based on the theme or aim of the campaign and the impact it hopes to create.

Faith Factor
The overwhelming progress that the brand has made clearly demonstrates that it has made a positive impact in the consumers mind. The response to the brand has been so impactful that it has led to the coining of the term, ‘The Fastest Growing DTH player in the country’ to be associated with the brand. It has well and truly proven its mettle in the year 2012 during which it has achieved the highest net customer additions on its platform as compared to other Direct-To-Home players. A strong ‘word of mouth’ and support from the consumers has been instrumental in driving this phenomenal growth. Some of the features offered by Videocon d2h are 41 Audio/Video Active services, 12 PIP Mosaic, a multilingual Electronic Program Guide, d2h Cinema, 3D Active channel services and multiple ticker options. The HD Digital Box provides additional features like 5x digital picture quality, 1080p resolution, 16:9 Wide Aspect ratio and HDD Sound. The brand also provides recording facility through its HD DVR with features such as Pause Live TV, Auto Serial Recording, Title/Time Based Recording, Rewind/Fast Forward and many more. It has recently also launched India’s First 1000 GB memory Asli “HD” Recorder with a very innovative feature like “Watch One & Record Two Channels simultaneously.”

Engagement that Enthralls
The main objective of Videocon d2h is to reach out to their TG in the most simple, honest and cost effective manner. Their communication focuses on the key brand USPs which includes, constant product innovations and developments and a huge plethora of 444 channels & services along with strong regional content. Focusing on High Definition in its communication has helped create a strong HD market for the brand as well, as they provide a high number of 22 Asli “HD” channels & services. Videocon d2h’s media mix includes the use of television, print, digital advertising, outdoor, retail store branding, road shows, exhibitions, special events / sponsorships and promotional campaigns to market their services. They have strategically targeted what they believe to be high-value and high growth markets. The brand determines the platform to be utilized for its marketing efforts on the basis of various factors such as the target group, the location, the communication message, return on investment expected and the final desired outcome from the initiative. One of the many examples of success stories for the brand capturing the market is on the digital medium where Videocon d2h specifically targeted a particular audience with a well thought out strategy; the results of which reaped rich dividends for the brand. The initiative’s aim was to reach out to a larger audience through their website and create a strong engagement platform through their Facebook page. The brands sustained efforts increased the number of hits on the brands website by leaps and bounds and they also observed a huge surge in the number of fans on their Facebook page. As a result, they were awarded the silver trophy for the prestigious ‘Best Search Engine Optimization Activity’ award (SEO) by the IDMA (Indian Digital Media Awards) in 2012.

Videocon d2h has always stood out for its technological advancements and has created an impact through innovative product developments and unique offerings. The brand has come up with a lot of innovations in the last couple of years such as the satellite LCD which was an one-of-a-kind product with an integrated DTH service within a LCD Television. It also introduced the Satellite DVD, a pioneering product which served the dual purpose of a DTH platform as well as a DVD player. Another unique offering to its customers came in the form of the 3D platform where Videocon d2h remains the only DTH player to provide an Active 3D channel in its package. Videocon d2h has also just launched India’s First 1000 GB memory Asli “HD” Recorder.

In a service industry, quite naturally, all values are developed keeping the customer in mind. The core values that drive the Videocon d2h brand are; exceeding customer expectations, incessantly delighting their customers, commitment to quality, integrity with every task at hand and a strong motivation to be the best in its category. Videocon d2h has always believed in providing high quality products by providing the latest technology to its customers. The strength of the brand lies in its deliverables which are designed to augment customers’ viewing experience


1. Awarded and recognized by various platforms : 4th Most successful brand launch across product categories, Brand Derby – Business Standard (2009), Product of the Year – Satellite DVD Player (2010), Best Search Engine Optiization – The Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA – 2012), Most Innovative use of Technology in DTH – BCS Ratna Award (February 2013).
2. Launched World’s 1st Satellite LCD and Satellite DVD, India’s first HD DVR with 3D.
3. Sponsor of India International Film Awards (IIFA)– (2009-2013), Team sponsor of IPL Teams – Kolkata Knight Riders (2010), King’s XI Punjab (2012), Mumbai Indians (2013) and of New South Wales during the Champions League (2011).

Promise Beacon

  • 2009 – Pan India operations of Videocon d2h.ƒ
  • ƒ 1 mn – Crossed the 1 mn subscriber base in August 2010.
  • ƒ 8 mn+ – Crossed the 8 mn subscriber base in June 2013.
  • ƒ 7.25 lac+ – Fans on Facebook.
  • 444 channels & services and 22 Asli “HD” channels & services offered on the platform.